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The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.

William Osler


Treatment begins when the patient first presents with symptoms. But the boundary between the end of treatment and the start of rehabilitation is blurry. In many conditions that are managed conservatively (e.g. hamstring muscle strain, tendinopathy), the exercises that are started for “treatment” also contribute to the rehabilitation process. If one were required to make a distinction, it might be that the treatment techniques are often used in acute to subacute presentations, and rehabilitation commences when clinical presentation stabilizes, which can be anywhere from subacute to chronic.


This book discusses therapies that apply to both “treatment” and “rehabilitation” in just one of the relevant chapters. For example, manual therapy is covered in this chapter, even though it can be an important part of ongoing rehabilitation. On the other hand, exercise prescription (resistance exercises, proprioceptive training, flexibility training, and activities that combine these elements), an essential “treatment” of musculoskeletal conditions, is covered in Chapter 15.


Evidence for treatment effectiveness is continually changing


This chapter provides the essential background for treatments that are referred to in Part B, “Regional problems.” Here specific treatments are defined and described, the levels of evidence for their effectiveness are reported, and a clinical perspective is provided for their use in musculoskeletal medicine.


There has been a remarkable explosion of evidence to support treatments in sport and exercise medicine in the past decade (see box). In 2010 alone, new sports medicine treatment evidence was published in the New England Journal of Medicine,1 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),2 BMJ, and the Lancet.3


Just a small sample of high-quality research published during a small window of time (2010). This provides an increasingly stronger foundation for treatment in sports and exercise medicine.

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Nevertheless, we remind the ...

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